Breaking Free


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Releasing the shackles of domestic violence and abuse.

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After 10 years of Domestic Abuse I felt trapped in a bitter cycle of pain, loneliness, hurt and confusion. I wanted a better life – the better life I really knew deep down that I deserved. But how? How could I look past all this mess of substance abuse, verbal and physical assaults and lies that have seemingly become my truth? I knew that somewhere within, I had to find the strength and courage to give in to my better self and push pass the pain, and step into my predestined greatness.

What did I do? I listened to He is that is greater in me and followed His instructions to create a BREAK FREE plan. Then, I created, researched and used survival strategies to make it through some of the most challenging and trying times of my life. Empowering myself on a daily basis with actionable steps and tools, enables me to dance and sing my way through the agony while I rebuilt my new life, joyfully. As I learned how to build healthy relationships and networks, I received tremendous support along the journey of change, healing and growth.

Life can be challenging, not by our design but simply due to circumstances we have limited control of. BREAKING FREE is an unfiltered account of the messy pass of a North London young woman who re-designed her life using the limited control she had. This story and the resources included will encourage and empower you to take a stance against domestic violence and abuse and push forward into your predestined greatness. Were you ever told that you’re unique, special and talented? You are all these things, truly. This book will assure you that you can overcome your challenges and aspire to achieve your full potential regardless of your messy past.

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