Author Programs / Accountability

Publish Me

Designed to help more advanced writers publish their work, Publish Me is for those writers who’ve done most of the work already but require technical support getting their books published and creating massive impact.

This program consists of an online educational platform as well as one-on-one coaching. You’ll learn directly from our Author Success Coaches how to publish your book, and host an online and offline launch that bring in consistent revenue month after month.

Bestseller Mastermind

This premium program is designed for those who know for sure there’s a book in their belly, ready to be birthed into this world and create the impact it’s meant to have. The Bestseller Mastermind includes lifetime access to online educational platform that provides resources that cover all the technical aspects of writing, publishing, launching and marketing your book. Importantly, personalized mentorship, one-on-one coaching and accountability are provided to guide you through the book writing process.

With the Bestseller Mastermind program, you’ll learn how to go from a desire to be an author to published author in as little as 3 months, 12 weeks, 90 days even if you don’t have an idea yet or you are not totally clear as to what to write about or how to get started. This program also includes 4 different tiers of services which you can choose from to meet your needs, an Author Success Coach and public relations and networking opportunities to grow your author brand.

Other Services

Author Coaching & Development

Our programs are custom designed to address Strategy, Writing, Marketing and Accountability for you and your business

Book Cover Design

We dedicate time and expertise to work with our authors and designers to create amazing design elements that capture and communicate their books’ messages and amplify their brands.

Author Branding

We empower and educate our authors on how to successfully leverage the influence and authority that they’ve gained.

Story Development

We work with authors to craft and develop their story in the most authentic, accessible and engaging manner.

Marketing & Promotion

We offer ongoing marketing support and strategies to boost the profile and visibility of our authors.


We help authors leverage their book to open doors, attract more business and create more opportunities.