Author Coaching & Development

Open your eyes, it’s not a dream – You’re finally holding your book in your hands.

Now you know for sure that your book will be read by people near and far and their lives will be impacted. You will inspire and influence people you’ve not yet met. Now you finally have that credibility-building tool to boost your business and expand your influence.

Our Author Coaching and Development Programs Will Get You Where You Desire To Be.

Our programs are custom designed to address Strategy, Writing, Marketing and Accountability for you and your business:

Strategy: to ensure that you are focused on writing the right book;

Writing: to provide support and education throughout your writing process;

Marketing: to help you incorporate marketing strategies right from the beginning and

Accountability: to provide structure and support so that you efficiently complete your manuscript.

Other Services

Author Programs / Accountability

With the Bestseller Mastermind program, you’ll learn how to go from a desire to be an author to published author in as little as 3 months.

Book Cover Design

We dedicate time and expertise to work with our authors and designers to create amazing design elements that capture and communicate their books’ messages and amplify their brands.

Author Branding

We empower and educate our authors on how to successfully leverage the influence and authority that they’ve gained.

Story Development

We work with authors to craft and develop their story in the most authentic, accessible and engaging manner.

Marketing & Promotion

We offer ongoing marketing support and strategies to boost the profile and visibility of our authors.


We help authors leverage their book to open doors, attract more business and create more opportunities.