Aspiring Author Slaybook

Why become a published author? Knowing our WHY makes everything clearer and more purposeful.

Your WHY makes you:

  • Stay focused
  • Feel passionate about your goal
  • Gives you clarity
  • Brings feelings of gratification
  • Live with integrity
  • Infuses an element of grace in life
  • Helps you find flow
  • Live a more fun-filled life

This Aspiring Author Slaybook will help you discover your whether or not you are ready to start writing your book now or not. You will also work through the kinks and coils of what is required of you to become a successful author – be it writing schedule, support system, technical expertise or financial support.

Ready to Write, Edit, Publish and Impact Lives?

Begin now!
Know What It Takes To Give Birth To That "Book In Your Belly."