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Lit Publishing Ltd.

Lit Publishing Ltd. believes that

Words are our most powerful tools
We know everyone has a story to tell
We know that a well-crafted can empower, inspire, transform and make a world of difference for its readers

That's why our mission is to

Support authors and aspiring authors by providing the technical expertise needed to achieve personal and professional writing and publishing goals and successfully launch their informational products
Provide educational, inspirational, motivational, spiritual, soul-stirring and engaging content for diverse readers and fan-base around the globe

Who We Are

We are an Alternative Publishing, Educational and Media Company. We provide support for authors and aspiring authors to craft inspiring, transformative and empowering stories. Through our comprehensive programs and one on one consultancy, we guide authors through their story conception, development, refining and publishing. Lit Publishing Ltd. knows the importance of author branding and marketing. These are key areas that we work on with our authors to ensure their success. We help authors live their passion, gain freedom and create multiple streams of income.

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What We Do

Story Drafting & Development

Our Book & Author Success Consultant works with you the author or aspiring author to craft and develop your story in the most authentic, accessible and engaging manner. With direct and timely feedback, our authors are able to elevate their stories to maximize their impact and reach.

Story Revision & Editing

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Book Cover Design

Believe it or not, a book is judged by its cover. That’s why Lit Publishing’s Book & Author Success Consultant dedicate time and expertise to work with our authors and designers to create amazing design elements that capture and communicate their books’ messages and amplify their brands.

Author Branding

A book is not just the chicest business card but more so the most powerful business. Through our programs and consultation we empower and educate our authors on how to successfully leverage the influence  and authority that they’ve gained by writing their books and establishing themselves as thought leaders in their industry as well as movers and shakers in their communities.


Lit Publishing Ltd. offers authors ongoing marketing support and strategies to boost their profile and visibility our authors through creative and innovative channels.

Authorpreneurship Consultation

One of our main goal is to ensure our authors create multiple streams of income by becoming authorpreneurs. We help authors leverage their book as a tool to open doors, attract more business, create more opportunities, and to cross-promote all other products and services. In doing this, our authors use their credibility, authority, and expert status to build  the lives of their dreams by using their printed books as their ticket to incredible success.

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